Thousand Unanswered Questions.

I honestly don’t know about you but nothing wrong has happened. Yes, there are fights. Yes, there are arguments. Yes, we have different opinions on different stuff. Yes, sometimes we are so annoying to even stand and look at each other. But you know why? Because, Yes, we are humans.

Why can’t it just be okay us being whatever and however we are? Well, I know you can’t take fights. But do you know I can’t take the distance, the absence of communication and not getting enough attention sometimes? What about that? And I still sign in on your side and keep picking you over and over no matter how difficult it is. If you want to call it being clingy, go for it. I call it not giving up on a person and allowing them to eat your mind for the rest of your life. FYI, I had been preparing myself for it.

Why can’t you and I just sit in that stupid bar and you tell me all your science shit and drink a beer with me and let it all be okay and keep it as it is? Why can’t you just keep blabbling about stuff that goes over my head and I look at your face trying to pretend I learned something new? Why can’t you just sit there, ignore me over your god-damned laptop and I just go sit at the pool and cry about it and the next morning pretend that nothing happened? Why can’t we just keep going to a new movie every week and I hold your hand and everything’s just fine? Why can’t you, just once, look at “what could go right” rather than letting it all go in the trash can with your statistical equations and future predictions,? I hate you for that one and I always will.

I know you and there are times even after trying the hardest- we cannot understand each other like we want us to. But who else has ever soothed those expectations? We are different and that’s something that enabled us to create some of the most amazing and unforgettable moments, ever. I don’t think I can ever have those with someone else. Maybe, that’s the perfection of all the imperfection between us? I am pretty sure I love your stupid face and I am gonna continue to do that. Hate me if that pleases you. I was kinda already getting used to with your annoying ass.

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