It is said that a human being’s mind goes through more than 70,000 thoughts in one day, every single day. Have you ever given a thought to this fact? Lol.

What kind of quality of life does an average human has? With an ‘average human’, I mean the human who is fine with 70,000 thoughts per day, a human who is very much comfortable with the idea of it and who believes that it’s common and it shall remain so. What kind of life does he live, according to you? You might be one of them. I’ll tell you. He lives a life of confusion. What outcome do you expect from 70,000 thoughts in one day when it comes to living a sane life?

Can you guess what does this amount of thought means? Okay. Have you ever encountered political debates? There is a minimum of 6 people who are having a conversation about a subject and giving their opinions on the subject. Also, ensuring that they are successful in proving their point as well. Now, imagine there is not one topic but there are..say, seven topics. and the people debating on those seven topics are seventeen and they’re all discussing all the seven topics all together in one go. THAT is a state of your normal, everyday mind. And, it’s even worse than that when you’re in some basic conflict and the worst if you’re dealing with some solid problem.

And I say solid problem because more than half the problems you’re dealing with right now are not even real or actual problems if they’re being taken a close look on. They are nothing more than excuses. That’s why I specified ‘solid problem’ separately.

And let’s not get started with positive and negative thoughts. I know some of you could be having questions on positive thinking. “What if the thoughts are positive, Mehak?”, “ What if they’re happy thoughts, Mehak?” Most of the time (I’m not saying all the time), the thoughts you call ‘positive’ are just like a mayo spread over the bread, it hasn’t yet gone into the core of the bread and it rarely does. The real positive thoughts are heard in vibration when there is utter silence, they’re not human-ish, they’re soul-ish and when you have them, you have the knowledge of utter bliss.

That is why there are meditations. That is why there is a need to silence the mind at least for half an hour in a day. And if that’s too much, go for twenty minutes. When there are lesser thoughts or no thoughts, you are finally you, the one you really are. There is no other confusion, no fear, no doubts, no cheap belief systems, they’re only and only and only your thoughts and nothing else. They trick you. They fool you, easily because you let them control you. Once you take your power back, even your mind will fall in your feet and ask for commands. No one ever EVER deceives you but yourself.

Meditate. ❤




I fix scrabble inside me. Instagram @macverse, @itweettoo

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I fix scrabble inside me. Instagram @macverse, @itweettoo

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