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Every time we talk about Law of Attraction, we talk about vision boards, writing scripts & acting as if, mostly, which are some of the most common & popular practices in order to bring forth a deliberate manifestation (bringing an event/object into reality by deliberately putting to use the Laws of the universe. We’re all anyway manifesting by default, all the time as the Law of Attraction is always working).

We know sometimes it takes weeks & months & years. But I say, you can manifest within days or maybe hours if you understand what actually “stops” your desired manifestations…

It is said that a human being’s mind goes through more than 70,000 thoughts in one day, every single day. Have you ever given a thought to this fact? Lol.

What kind of quality of life does an average human has? With an ‘average human’, I mean the human who is fine with 70,000 thoughts per day, a human who is very much comfortable with the idea of it and who believes that it’s common and it shall remain so. What kind of life does he live, according to you? You might be one of them. I’ll tell you. He…

To say, you’re not an inch away from me, my beloved. I believe when they said, “I and you are one”. Then why do I feel an invisible door between us? Why can’t I still feel you in me completely? Even though I am aware of your constant gaze upon me every single second.

It pains. Though I know it shouldn’t. But maybe this, too, is a phase. When will I cross this distance? When will I feel you? I’ve given you all of me. I kept nothing nor do I want to. …

This is it.

Since I was a little girl, I always knew what I really wanted from my life. I thought it was so tough to get, things will be difficult. That’s what I was taught. “Child, nothing in world is for free.” I would always ask myself that how will I even earn it? Is it even something to earn in the first place? But back then my definition of it was flawed.

I thought freedom is living away from the family and do stupid things with your friends. Basically, living life on one’s own terms even if they…

Found it in me.

“I had a weird dream.”

“Not a news. Proceed”, the angel said calmly.

“This time, it was really different. I mean, not like the usual bizarre ones.”

The angel took keen interest and gestured me to carry on.

“I was with these two another angels who felt like my parents or maybe teachers. I don’t know, they were like two very soothing and warm elderly figures.

They were smiling at me and giving me a sort of assurance of something.”

“And?”, the angel smiled.

“And, I might have traveled to some other dimensions of the universe…

In nothingness.

When the world seems unfair and nothing makes sense, when the ray of hope has faded and faith is a distant memory, when the reliable sources have died and no friend is in sight, when the purpose has been lost and nowhere left to go, when all the gurus’ sayings cannot uplift you anymore and the pages of all the books seem to lose the letters inside them, when all the outside material loose the game, one should know it’s time to step inside.

It’s time to open the door. Oh wait, it’s already open. Step in. Step…


It startles me how I feel your scent in the air, sometimes. Almost makes me look around like you just tapped on my shoulder with your fingertips and in a swift moment, you manage to vanish in thin air.

How do you do it from miles away? Steal a casual minute of my regular life just because you wanted me to spare a moment thinking of you? I mean, I always knew you’re a wizard wrapped in human skin but time-robbery?

Well, yes you got me thinking of every single second I’ve looked up into your eyes as they…

She wasn’t the person to easily unstuck her heart from yours and walk away. She cared. Way too much you had ever experienced in your entire life from all the people you ever met combined altogether. She would ache at the smallest scars on your body. She would be awake for nights wondering what eats you from inside and why. She wouldn’t even have a clue but she would go on sewing scenarios so that she could give you the not-so-demanded help for your pain. It was so easy to shred her away in a second for the reasons you…

“Know what you should do, right now?”, my phone buzzes.

“What?”, I write back.

“Get on your terrace and feel the wind.”

“I don’t want my bed to miss me :p”

“What about me missing you, you don’t do anything about it?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Come to me!”

“And then you won’t miss me?”

“Why would I?”

“So you don’t like missing me.”


“But I like missing you :D”

“Ugh. Why?”

‘Because it’s such a personal thing.”

“What do you mean ‘personal thing’?”

“I mean isn’t it? Me missing you in my mind. The missingness…

They stood at the wake of the cruise while the windy night spun its magic wand. Her black heels supported her while she was shining bright in her hot red dress and he did awesome-ly well with the tux suit. The music as soft as it sounded added all the romantic flavors to the moment, additionally shimmered by stars in the sky. The sight of the waters would leave anyone looking at it, forever. The air had the word love written all over it. You could just feel it. …


I fix scrabble inside me. Instagram @macverse, @itweettoo

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